Consumer and user requirements need to be considered from the very start of product development through to market launch and beyond. We are there to support you through all stages of the process. The content of our research therefore includes:

  • Fundamental research: motivational analysis, usage behaviour, etc.
  • Concepts
  • Products, including in-home use
  • Packaging
  • Advertising for different media: print, TV, radio, online
  • Advertising at various stages of development: treatments, story boards, animatics
  • Positioning, branding
  • Pricing
  • Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Pragmatic approach

The ivory towers of humanistic science are not the usual environment for market research. That's why constant move® takes a more pragmatic approach, treating each research issue with the relevant degree of depth — because the purpose of theory is to support practice.

Theoretical basis

A significance-seeking interpretation of culture is based on the symbolic interaction between three separate assumptions:

  • The way people act towards a thing is based on the significance which that thing holds for them.
  • The significance attached to a thing is based on social interaction.
  • The significance of a thing can be altered in an interpretative process.

The concept of culture propounded by Max Weber and Clifford Geertz forms the theoretical basis for my research. According to this, man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun, the webs representing culture. This provides a basis for interpretative science, which is how I interpret market research: a science in which the significance of behaviour, opinions, products, attributes, ideas, advertising, etc. is explored.