constant move® bridges the gap between you and your clients, helping you to understand their needs and motives in developing and launching new products, communications, etc. We offer full service market research, i.e. complete national and international project management. Freelance services can also be provided for individual elements of the portfolio:

  • Selection of the right methodology for the respective purpose
  • Development of research documentation
  • Moderation and fieldwork
  • Delivery and presentation of results
  • Advice on internal implementation of results

Practical benefits

What you get in response to your clear, practical questions is clear, directive guidance — without all the theoretical ballast. Complex issues and fundamental research are both processed and analysed with the required degree of complexity.

Individual support:
Each new assignment is handled with fresh curiosity. We work hand in hand with our clients to find ideal solutions. Depending on the research object and background, the focus is either on constant or move, continuity or change. Your benefits:

  • One source for everything, nothing gets lost in communication
  • A high degree of flexibility
  • Transparency throughout the research process
  • Strong analysis and clear recommendations
  • High quality at a reasonable cost